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FileFlex Enterprise is a zero trust data access application that provides remote access and sharing across any multi-domain hybrid-IT infrastructure and puts it under IT control.


FileFlex Enterprise augments traditional perimeter-based security by always authenticating and always verifying all transactions every time with a “never trust, always verify” model where access to data is secured and controlled through a zero-trust platform. It abstracts the infrastructure from shared information providing micro-channel secure data access as granular as a single file and protecting against unauthorized access to the organization’s infrastructure.


The FileFlex Zero Data Access application was developed for medium to large size organizations to provide state of the art cybersecurity for hybrid infrastructures of unstructured data. It does require implementation of defined connectors depending on data type and location. Integration of Windows security Active Directory and/or FileFlex security profiles also needs to be defined. The base FileFlex application and connectors need to installed on a cloud based Virtual Server. This requires an investment in the FileFlex application as well as setup and maintenance of a dedicated Virtual Server service like Microsoft Azure.

ID2000 Incorporated, an authorized partner of both Microsoft and FileFlex, now makes the entire process turnkey by providing all aspects and licensing required and priced to fit the budget of the smallest organizations. Providing a secure high performance Microsoft Azure Virtual Server where the client console is installed, and all applicable connectors are setup for the client hybrid infrastructure. No changes to data location or structure is required on client internal network domain data nor on cloud based applications like SharePoint or other cloud based applications.

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What is Zero Trust Cybersecurity ?

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is an IT security solution that provides secure remote access to an organization's applications, data, and services based on clearly defined access control policies.

Create a secure, common federated identity management system

Apply adaptive access for more granular resource access control


user-to-application segmentation (ZTNA)

Control data breaches and Ransomware across the hybrid attack surface

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